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Manual Preform Feeding Automatic Blow Moulding Machine

1).High safety.high speed with high efficiency.
2).Manual saving,one man is enough for operation the blow molding machine.
3).Stable performing with easy maintaining.
4).The Blow Moulding Machine imports PLC controller and man-machine interface computer.
5).Japan Omron inspection sensor.
6).The Blow Moulding Machine adopts the new type double bend arm and four pull rod-clamping structure(won the patent). The distance between two mold board is adjusted by the chain wheel. Thus the clamping force is very strong.power saving design that can increase your profits.
7).Segregate type air control system, which is designed for avoiding waste pollution.


Items Unit 1C5L 2C2L 1C120MM 2C120MM 1C20L
Theoretical Output pcs/hr 750 2500 800 1500 180
Max.container volume L 5 2 8 8 20
Max.neck diameter mm 50 45 120 120 100
Max.container diameter mm 175 100 200 200 300
Max.container height mm 350 340 350 350 450
Number of cavity cavity 1 2 1 2 1
Installed capacity kw 28 28 42
Total Power kw 27 27 40
Use Power kw 15 15 28
Machine Dimension mm 1900*1400*2000 1900*1600*2200 3400*2100*2200
Machine Weight kg 1800 1800 2800

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