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Product List

WIB-50D Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine

General Description

The structure of the WIB-50D automatic bottle injection blow molding machine provided by Liuzhou Jingye Machine Co.,Ltd. is double-station, which include preform injection and blow molding ejection station. It takes the one-step method forming process that is injection, blow molding process and other processes are finished one by one in this machine. This kind of product shows that it is highly automatic with beautiful appearance of the product, accurate size and human save. The WIB-50D automatic injection blow molding machine is of big size and large mold space, which make the production output higher than other machine.



Blow Molding Type:

Injection blow molding

Applicable Materials:

PE, PP, PS, SAN and other thermoplasticity resin raw materials

Maximum Capacity:

2000ML containers


We can provide customized injection blow molding machine and mould according to client’s requirement to meet the special need of your product.


With high quality and accuracy, our machine is used to provide yoghourt bottle, medicine bottle, health care bottle, scream bottle, eye black tube and chemical pesticides bottle and so on. Now the products provided by our automatic bottle injection blow molding machine are used by AVON, STARBUCKS COFFEE and sold in WALMART etc.

Pictures of the Ready-made

  • Medicine Bottle
  • Eye Black Tube
  • Scream Bottle
  • Health Care Bottle
  • Chemical Pesticides Bottle

Series of Whirlwind WIB Injection-Blow Molding

  • Blow Molding Injection Preform

  • product Preform up


1. The blowing and injection form in one piece and don’t need secondary operation by worker. The products produced by the injection blow molding machine have the superiority in beautiful appearance, accurate size, good sealing property and compliance with GMP requirement.
2. Due to its character of full-automatic, this kind of automatic blow molding machine is of high degree of automation that is controlled by computer with the performance of steady work of hydraulic pressure and high production capacity.
3. Higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, better configuration.
4. Variable pump.
5. The automatic bottle injection blow molding machine adopts the vertical work way to reduce projection area of the mold and use lower clamping force to finish the work, so as to achieve the effect of reducing energy consumption.
6. The mould of the automatic blow molding machine adopts the insert structure of overall preform mould that ensure the final products only have two parting lines.
7. Our company has rich professional technology experience to exploit new products. We can provide customized injection blow molding machine and mould according to client’s requirement to meet the special need of your product.

Main Specifications of WIB-50(D)

NO Item Unit Data
1 Screw Diameter mm 60
2 Screw Speed r/min 0~180
3 Theoretical Injection Capacity cm3/shot 520
4 Injection Clamping Force KN 460
5 Blow Clamping Force KN 65
6 Motor Power KW 30
7 Heater Capacity KW 20
8 Compressed Air Mpa 0.8~1.2
9 Cooling Water bar 1~3
10 Dimension of Machine mm L3800×W1650×H2650
11 Machine Weight Kg 6500
12 Suitable Materials PE PP PS SAN

Product-related Configuration/ Parts

No. Item Brand
1 All Hydraulic Valve YUKEN
2 Variable Pump YUKEN
3 Seal Ring HALLITE
4 Hydraulic oil motor INTERMOT
5 Cylinder Air Valve SMC
6 Air Cylinder SMC/AIRTAC
8 Rotation Plant Servo Motor OMRON
9 Low-voltage electrical components Schneider
10 Temperature controller OMRON
11 Material used for mould Mould Stainless Steel

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